Special Events in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Jazz Festival
Music lovers will enjoy attending the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. The Jacksonville Jazz Festival celebrates jazz music's influence on American music. It takes place at several popular downtown venues including Hemming Plaza and the Florida Theater. It features great food, drinks and live concerts that celebrate the talents of the nation's finest jazz musicians.

Some of the festival's most popular attractions include a juried art show, the Jacksonville Jazz Piano competition and several beer gardens. Be sure to attend one of the live concerts to see some of the nation's rising jazz stars perform their latest compositions in person.

World of Nations Celebration
The World of Nations Celebration celebrates Jacksonville's ethnic diversity. The World of Nations Celebration celebrates the cultures that have made Jacksonville the unique place it is today. It takes place three times each year at Metropolitan Park. It demonstrates the art, cuisine and customs of over 40 countries.

The festival's main attractions include a language expo, art displays, cooking demonstrations, live concerts and dance workshops. Be sure to attend the dance workshops to learn about the world's most popular dances.

Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival
The Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival celebrates the Caribbean's culture, wonderful art, food and music. It takes place at Metropolitan Park each summer. It features steel bands, live concerts, dancing, delicious Caribbean foods and a masquerade costume contest. Be sure to visit the food stalls that dot Metropolitan Park during the festival to sample traditional Caribbean dishes including stews, dumplings and turnovers.

Jacksonville Movie Festival
Movie fans will enjoy attending the Jacksonville Movie Festival. The Jacksonville Movie Festival offers movies fans a chance to celebrate how movies are produced. It takes place in the IberaBank building in the San Marco District.

Some of the festival's highlights include movie screenings, discussions and workshops that teach patrons about how films are produced. Be sure to attend the workshops to learn how movie production values have evolved since 1920.

The Great Atlantic Music & Seafood Festival
Foodies will enjoy attending The Great Atlantic Music & Seafood Festival. The Great Atlantic Music & Seafood Festival celebrates Florida's seafood industry. It takes place every year at the Sea Walk Pavilion on Jacksonville Beach.

The festival's main attraction is the food court that serves over 200 seafood dishes. Some of these dishes include popular favorites such as crab cakes, steamed clams, blackened fish and lobster rolls.

Other attractions include a surfing contest, carnival rides, an art market and live concerts. Be sure to arrive at the festival early to avoid the long lines that develop during the festival.