Getting Around Jacksonville

When looking to travel into Jacksonville, Florida, the most convenient way would be to fly into Jacksonville International Airport, which is the busiest airport in Northern Florida. Each year, the airport handles over 100,000 flights and over five million passengers pass through the airport. Over a dozen major international airlines operate daily flights out of the airport. The busiest domestic routes operated in and out of the airport each year are flights to Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Once a traveler has arrived in the airport, they can be in downtown Jacksonville within fifteen minutes.

The second option for getting into Jacksonville would be to take the Amtrak train service. The Amtrak operates several trains in and out of the city each day. The train station is located off of Clifford Lane, which is located on the northwest side of the city. Jacksonville is located along two major train lines, the Silver Meteor and Silver Star train lines. These train lines provide direct service to a number of cities located along the Atlantic Coast including Miami, Washington DC, and New York.

Driving could also be a good transportation option for people coming from other cities in the region. Various major roadways, including I-95, I-10, and I-210, all run through the city, which provides a quick and easy drive from several major cities. Tallahassee, FL, Orlando, FL, and Tampa, FL are all located less than three hours away and Atlanta, GA is located about four hours away.

After arriving in Jacksonville, a traveler will have a wide variety of transportation options for getting around. Almost all of the public transportation options are operated by the Jacksonville Transit Authority. The bus system is the most expansive transportation option in the city as it has over 30 different routes, which cover over two thousands stops located conveniently throughout the city. Over 20,000 passengers use the bus system on a daily basis. Several of these bus lines operate express service during the rush hours, which helps to cut down on commuting time.

Beyond the buses, the also operates a trolley system that runs in and around the city's CBD (Central Business District). The trolley has just a few different lines and about thirty different stops. While it is a good way of getting around the city, it is also largely used by tourists that are looking for a fun and affordable way to get around the city and also site see.